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Repurposed Sweater Ear Warmer

Ear Warmers from A Craft A Day

I don't like the cold.  I know most people don't LIKE the cold, but I really DO NOT like the cold.  I am trying to be a big girl about it.  I know that I have it good compared to people that are snowed in or losing electricity, or just don't have a warm place to sleep.  Trust me I am so SO thankful that I have a warm house and that my husbands job moved us to Texas and not someplace with considerably coder weather.

The one thing I have figured out after my second winter here is that the cold seems bad because we don't have the clothes for it here.  It is really only bitterly cold for a couple of weeks, so we don't own long johns, really heavy jackets, or earmuffs.  Heck, I don't even own a scarf.  I really need to buy and or make myself a scarf.  You should have seen the modge podge of clothes my kids wore this week.

That is why I need on of these ear warmers from  A Craft a Day!

It was my turn to drive carpool this week and the lack of something to keep my ears warm made it 10 times less fun to wait outside in the cold for the kiddos.  Deidre made this one from an old sweater.  I know I have one in my closet that I could use and I just have to figure out how to sew a button whole and I will be all set!

Maybe I will use velcro.

If you want to make an ear warmer from an old sweater, head over to A Craft a Day and see Deidre's tutorial.


Hel said...

Hey Lori,
Just wanted to let you know that I really love the new way that your posts are showing up in my reader!!! It makes it easier to see what the post is about and gives me more reason to jump across! Thanks again.

Deidre said...

Thanks for this post! So sweet of you!

Sippy Cup Central said...

Great idea! Karen