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How To Make Pastry Cream

Pastry Cream from Bakers Royale

I am a little obsessed with baking tutorials at the moment, like the cake frosting tutorial from yesterday.   Bakers Royale has a great one that is just as usefull.  She shows you step by step how to make pastry cream.  Yummy cream that you can use in cakes, tarts, cream puffs, cannolis,  ├ęclairs, and all sorts of yummy pastries.  Do you see why this is an essential baking skill? 

I have some pastry dough in my freezer as we speak that is crying for me to make pastry cream.  All I need are some fresh raspberries and I could turn it into these Frosted Raspberry Cream Bites.

This is just one post in her Baking Basics series.  She shared earlier how to make lemon curd, and I can't wait to see what her next baking tutorial will be.

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