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Heart Shaped Cinnamon Roll Love

Heart Shaped Cinnamon Rolls from Pinch My Salt

The tutorial for palmiers reminded me of a tutorial for heart shaped cinnamon rolls I posted about two years ago:

So I started looking for other heart shaped cinnamon roll ideas.  Maybe one that could use our favorite orange rolls that come from a can.  With Valentine's Day approaching quickly and two kids still under the weather (oh pneumonia, how I do not love you) I am trying to be realistic about what I can pull off this weekend.

I first found this image from Pinch My Salt.  She used a similar method for making heart shaped rolls.

Hopefully my kiddos will all miraculously wake up healthy tomorrow and I can make cinnamon rolls from scratch.  But just in cakes, I found this image from Solly's:

And this one from Take a Mega Bite (check out her pumpkin cinnamon roll recipe):

And I figure this is as good of an excuse as any to buy a heart shaped cake pan.  Don't you agree?


rebecca said...

so sweet. i'm your newest follower and have SO enjoyed peeking through your past posts. super cute blog!! happy to be followin! :) rebecca

Malia said...

I have a heart shaped cake pan and that is just brilliant! Now I want to make cinnamon rolls for breakfast on Valentine's Day!

~Malia @ One2One Network

Katie said...

These make me happy & hungry at the same time!

Christine said...

Those look extra yummy!