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Funny Valentines

Funny Valentines from Delia Creates

Delia used her box template that she created for her Lego party to make these cute valentine boxes.  (They would work really well if you couldn't find matchboxes or wanted to hold a treat that was bigger than a matchbox.) Each box has a joke on the top:

and inside holds the punchline, a LaffyTaffy, and a silly band.  The perfect silly valentine for your little class clown.

Head over to Delia Creates to get the punchlines for theses funny valentines.


SweetSugarBelle said...

Adore EVERYTHING she makes!!!

Brittany Sorensen said...

So cute!! I have to say, your blog is my FAVORITE that I follow because you direct me to every cute thing out there! I love it!! Thank you!!

Lorie said...

SSB - I completely agree! I love Delia!

Thanks Brittany Lynn!

Delia said...

Thank you Lorie!