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Frozen Banana Bites

Frozen Banana Bites from (Never Home)maker

This year I have fallen in love with frozen bananas.  My husband and kids are pretty picky about their banana texture.  Not too green, but absolutely not soft at all.  In banana time, that is like a 12 hour window.  Needless to say we always have a lot of uneaten bananas.

I then got in the habit of peeling them and freezing them in ziplock before they turned brown.  Frozen bananas are the best addition to a morning smoothy ever because they make them ice cream smooth.  And speaking of ice cream, frozen banana ice cream is so easy and SO good! You can even make it in a food processor! 

And I found another fun idea for my leftover ripe bananas over at (Never Home)maker.  Cut them up and dip them in peanut butter chocolate before tossing them in the freezer.  I am pretty sure that this will get them eaten pretty quickly.  You can get the recipe for Frozen Banana Bites HERE.


LakshmiRP said...

I make my daughter eat bananas by making 'different chocolate' as per my Daughter. They are actually banana chunks coated with Dark chocolate and dusted with biscuit or cookie crumbs, refrigerated.... she loves them!

Lorie said...

Those sound delicious!

Eva said...

totally making these right now. i had some bananas in the freezer that i hadn't really decided what to do with. now i know.

SWiggins said...

I have to make some of these. We have to have our bananas in that not to soft window too. I hate a mushy banana