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Frosted Adhesive Vinyl

Frosted Vinyl Tutorial from C.R.A.F.T.

I have been a complete maniac with my new Silhouette and the adhesive frosted vinyl. I l.o.v.e. it. I wanted to share the simple process and a few tips and tricks to turn glass containers into organized masterpieces :) 

Materials: any glass container, Silhouette, frosted vinyl, transfer paper, 
smoother [i use a putty knife] 
THESE simple instruction from Silhouette

These instructions come on the frosted vinyl package: 

Pick a font you like. I turned the word sideways to not waste my precious vinyl :) This is ONE of many great things about the can cut ANY font you already have or install on your computer.

Silhouette says NOT to put vinyl on a cutting mat...I did anyway.  I was doing such a small piece, the rollers would not have caught the vinyl. I used the less sticky mat, and it worked perfectly. After the Silhouette cuts your cute word...peel it off of the mat. Here is the evidence that I don't follow directions...

Pay attention to the arrow on the cutting mat...
The cutting mat will not go in backwards...I tried :)

Once the vinyl comes out of the Silhouette, peel it off of the cutting mat. Remove the access vinyl...leaving ONLY the word. Cut a piece of the transfer paper to fit over your word. use your putty knife to ensure that the word is attaching to the transfer paper...

Now, clean your glass container...and apply your cute little word :)


From experience...I learned that the frosted vinyl letters can fairly easily be peeled
off of your glass containers with the putty knife... It is not permanent, which I LOVE.

Just peel the vinyl off of the glass with the putty knife!


Jamie is giving away a Silhouette on her blog right now, so you can enter to win your own HERE!!   And you can follow her on Twitter HERE.


Randi~Dukes and Duchesses said...

I'm working on a frosted vinyl project right now and I'm finding it a bit more finicky than regular vinyl ... did you find that? Maybe it's the silly font I chose.

You might be on to something, using your mat to cut vinyl ... that way you can eliminate a lot of wasted vinyl. The rollers will catch your mat rather than the top 2 inches of vinyl. Brilliant!

Jessi said...

love it! havent cut vinyl yet with it, but im going to soon...wondered about the mat.

wish that frosted came in a bigger roll, i wanted to use it on the wall!