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Valentine Heart Printable

Amy tweeted about this cute printable from Less Cake More Frosting last night:

at first I thought she had cut out cute paper to make the hearts, but no, it is a printable:

And she has it in a couple of different colors!  It is really cute in the frame, but I think it would be a fun valentine too.  You could have it printed out in the regular 4x6 size and slap it on a blank card and write a cute note inside.


La Petite Gallery said...

I think it's very cute and I printed it out, and will copy it. Thanks so much for the SWEET HEARTS
sweet heart.


ellie g said...

Thanks so much for putting my little printable on your amazing blog! If I was addressing it to you It would say "tweet heart" since I love tweeting with you so much. Awe. Tender.

You rock!

Janiece said...

I really like it.
Thanks for sharing.