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Super Easy Fudge Recipe

Julie from Joy's Hope shared the easiest fudge recipe I have ever seen.  This beautiful fudge has two ingredients:
A can of frosting and a bag of chips.  Any flavor of either.  So you could do chocolate chips and chocolate frosting or chocolate frosting and peanut butter chips.  ANY combo.  Makes you want to go to the baking aisle and just look at the possibilities.

You can read what to do with those two ingredients HERE, but it is basically 5 minutes of EASY!

The only thing easier is having Grandpa make it for you.  So if that isn't an option, head over and let Julie solve your fudge problems.


Heidi said...

haha, at first I thought you meant potato chips and I was like Eeeeew, chocolate dorrito fudge...YUCK!

Golden Daily Scoop said...

Looks amazing, would love to try the chocolate frosting with peanut butter chips! Thx for sharing!!

janadec9 said...

I had just bookmarked this one too...great minds think alike!