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Our Best Bites Recipe Book

I don't really do surprises.  I like surprises if they are REALLY surprises.  But most of the time they are just people taunting you that they have a surprise for you.  That isn't a surprise.  That is just mean!

And if I have something I am excited to give you, I don't know why it makes a difference if I give it to you now or if I wait 5 days to tell you on your birthday.   Isn't it better to get a surprise on a day you aren't expecting a surprise?

So because I am such an impatient secret keeper, my sister in law already knows that she is getting this for her birthday:

Our Best Bites (the blog that I love and I bet you love and that my sister in law has a little bit of a recipe romance with) now has their own cookbook!  I am so happy for Sara and Kate, and I couldn't be more thrilled that it is available for pre-order in time for me to give it to my sister in law for her birthday.  That was so nice of them to time it that way!

PS - if you want to buy it as a gift before it is released, you can always give one of the cute pre-order cards that they offer HERE in its place.  They were made by the talented Amy Locurto, so you know they are cute! 


Christine said...

I went over and checked out this I live under a rock? I haven't really heard of them before. I know I know...
Thanks for the link:)

Lorie said...

Christine, EVERY recipe on their blog is great!

supermom said...

I love love love their blog. I am so excited to get their cookbook!

LunaMoonbeam said...

I am SO excited for their book to come out. I've known Sara since I was in high school, and could NOT be more happy for her and Kate. (Oh, and I also heard that the book will be at Costco. Woot! Not sure if that's just a rumor, or just in Utah, but..there ya go.)