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Heart Shaped Macarons

I have never made a macaron.  It wasn't until a couple months ago that I even knew how to SPELL macaron.  I  figured it was spelled the same as a macaroon.  It isn't.

But last year I found these heart shaped macarons:

And I am thinking this year might be the year I have to give them a try.  So for a little inspiration, here are some other beautiful heart shaped macarons:

Williams Sonoma:

Mad Baker:

Patisserie La Cigonge

Sweet Tooth:

My Humble Hearts:

Have you ever baked your own macarons?  Any tips for me?  Although they look simple, I have heard that they aren't, so I am up for any and all advice!


Kelli W said...

I've never baked macarons before, but I really want to try! The colors are so cute, and I LOVE the heart shaped one!

Amy @ Positively Splendid said...

These are almost too lovely to eat! And now I'm hungry. :)

s'mee said...

Macarons can be tricky! I attended a class taught by Helen Dujardin of Sweet Tartlette, if you click on the link it will take you to her recipes page wherein you can find, on the right hand side, a button for a tutorial! She has amazing recipes and she's a fabulous teacher!

JC's Loft said...

Nope never made them, but let us know how it goes if you try them yourself! I'm curious!!


DanielleisNesting said...

I love these. I haven't made them but I've been planning on it using the Tartelette recipe that was linked above. Love that blog.

janadec9 said...

In addition to never making them, I don't even know what they are...heard of them before, but don't know the specifics. Maybe you should make some and drive north!!!

Lisa from Craftified! said...

Well I've never baked them but those chocolate ones look delish! I'm a chocolate fool! YUM

Cara Lee said...

ohh these look so pretty :) i just made heart shaped coconut macaroons on my blog actually... i want to attempt the french macaroon soon!

becky said...

I had to make hundreds in pastry school. It really helps to make a template to pipe onto to keep them the same size. If you take a piece of parchment paper and trace circles (or whatever shape you're making) all over it and outline them with a sharpie. Then you slip that paper under the parchment or silicone mat you're piping on and you can see the parhment circles and you'll have macaroons that are all the same size.

You also want to mix until the batter starts to get shiny. Give the pan a little tap to get out bubbles and then let them sit out and form a crust for about 20 mins.

Cynthia said...

If you're local to me (SLC), I will teach you! I have used several recipes but like Tartlette's the best.

My tips- do not use convection baking, regular old bake works best. Use double cookie sheets (and I have the pro-bakery quality ones). Oven rack should be about 1/3 of the way up from the bottom. 300 degree temps have worked best for me. I use a circle template to draw my circles for piping. I also weigh my almonds and powdered sugar on a good scale then grind them together in a coffee grinder I bought just for this purpose.

You're probably scared off now but once you get the technique down, the sky is the limit!

Charlotte said...

I really need to try them for my birthday party, but I might just wuss out and buy some. This is the reciep I've had bookmarked for ages:

Along with these top tips:

I'll do it if you do it!

ellie g said...

K, I just tasted these for the first time in the fall....and HOLY DELIGHT BATMAN! They are my nirvana.

And I totally wanna make them, but like you, I've heard they're a bugger.

I've tried plain 'ol meringue a couple times and blown it!

Oh how I want to make these. They're soooo pretty!