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Fabric Pom Pom Necklace

Once upon a time I lived down the street from Michelle.  I could tell you the story about her moving away and me sitting in her driveway crying like a teenage girl that had just been broken up with by her high school boyfriend, but I will save myself the humiliation.

What I will tell you is that I am super jealous of her for about a dozen and a half reasons.  One being that she is the jack of all trades.  She sews and knits and paints and beads and...I could go on and on.  And the second is that she is super motivated when it comes to crafting.  I find an idea and I blog about it and I think about doing it and then I find another version and I debate which one I should get the picture.  The ugly ugly picture.

Well I posted the ttutorial for this pom pom necklace on Thursday:

and by Friday Michelle had already made this:

Her tutorial is a little different, so if you want to see her version you can find it over at Totally Rad Crafts.


BJJ said...

I love this!! I have been looking for the perfect replacement of the one I lost in a fire... now I can just MAKE it exactly how I remembered it! Thanks!
I doubt mine turns out as gorg as y'alls did though! :)

Michelle said...

Lorie, I love you. Moving away was the hardest thing to do. Thanks for still being my friend and for all of the super kind things you say.