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Classroom Valentine Party

I have moved out of decorating the house for Valentine's Day mode and into classroom Valentine's Day mode.  Here are some fun and easy ideas that are on my list for classroom decorations, crafts, and snacks.

Sweet Bee Buzzings made this heart garland by sewing together felt hearts:

I am thinking of using my Silhouette to cut out a bunch of colored hearts from paper and the stitch them together to make a paper heart version to hang around the classroom.  At least in between some regular crepe paper streamers.  Of course what I really want are a dozen different types of streamers reaching across the classroom like all of these at WIP Kits:

I have showed you this vintage valentine wreath before:
For their craft, I am going to bring chipboard cut into wreath shapes and let them decorate them using all of the valentines that they got from their classmates.  If some of them aren't ready to use their valentines, I will have some supplies so that they can make these woven hearts from Childmade:

Now if I could just decide on the snacks.  I have about a dozen I want to makes and am going to have to narrow it down.  Valentine Confetti is high on the list.  Do you have any snack suggestions?


Bethany said...

Hey that's my garland!! Thanks :)

Lorie said...

It is! And you are welcome!!

Sunny Simple Life said...

I love all the heart crafts. Something about red and hearts I am drawn to for sure.

Katie said...

Loving the WIP mirror!! Fits perfectly with my philosophy of "the more the better!" :)

Trish said...

Thanks for the post, Lorie! And glad you like my mirror, Katie! :)

Lorie said...

Katie, when it comes to cute Valentine garlands, more is ALWAYS better!

staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

Valentine confetti is what I plan to use at my son's class party!

Love all the garlands too!!!