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Hot Chocolate Stirrers

I love peppermint hot chocolate.  We usually get ours at Starbucks when we are heading out to look at Christmas lights, but you can make your own by stirring your favorite (very hot) cocoa with a candy cane.

And if you head over to The Decorated Cookie she will show you how to dress up some peppermint sticks with her decorated marshmallows to turn them into very cute Hot Chocolate stirrers:

These would be fun for the kids, but would also make a cute gift in a cellophane bag attached to a jar of your favorite homemade hot chocolate mix.

So are you a hot chocolate person?  Or a hot cocoa person?  


Kristin @ Yellow Bliss Road said...

I was planning on making these myself! Only I'm going to dip the marshmallows in chocolate - yum!

Alisha said...

Hot cocoa!

These are really cute.

Bethany said...

What's the difference? I thought they were the same!

Lorie said...

Kristin, yum! The more chocolate the better in my opinion!

Bethany - they are the same, at least I think they are the same thing, I just wondered if you call it hot cocoa or hot chocolate!

Jen Western said...

I crush up candy canes and put them at the bottom of the cup. They disolve faster that way. The hot chocolate on a stick recipe form Givers Log is the best hot chocolate I have ever had! I made it with dark chocolate, and put mints on the bottom. Yum!