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Homemade Gift Ideas

There isn't a ton of time to finish homemade gifts, but Tatertots and Jello shared a bunch of fun ideas that look like you could finish them up in time for the big day.

My favorites include these super cute polka dot pot holders from A Pretty Cool Life that would be perfect to give to a neighbor along with a recipe and a plate of your favorite goodies:

And these cuper cute earphone holders from Diary of a Crafty Lady so that you can toss your ear buds in your purse without them getting tangled or dirty:

Not to mention that you might actually be able to find them in your purse!

Head over to Jen's blog and see the rest of the great homemade gift ideas that people linked up to her party!


Suzanne said...

I loved these when I saw them too! Great pick!

Unknown said...

Cute pot holders! Have a sweet day!