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Christmas Book Advent

So the best part about a Christmas advent is that if you don't get it done before December starts, you can always just use it for the 12 days of Christmas and that gives you a couple extra weeks to get it done.

Which is really handy when you find a cute idea like this Christmas Book Advent from Funky Polkadot Giraffe:

She wraps up a Christmas book for each day and they choose one to unwrap and then read it together.  I am going to dig out our Christmas books from the bookshelf and then head to the bookstore to see if I can get enough for the 12 days of Christmas.


Jen @ said...

I'm doing that this year too. The kids are having such a great time doing it. I was short 6 books and found them at the Dollar Store!!!

Have a great day Lorie!!


Anonymous said...

We do this. I collect books each year during the day after Christmas sale at the book stores. They are usually 50% off at that time. Some of my favorites include
The Christmas Humbugs (Colleen Monroe)
Little Drummer Boy (Loren Long)
Peek-A-Christmas (Cimirusti?)
and of course The Night Before Christmas.

Kyla Armstrong said...

Ahhhh! I'm so excited to be featured on your FABULOUS blog! Thank you - you made my day!

Lorie said...

Jen, I will check the dollar store out!

Mobmom, thanks for the suggestions!

Mormishmom, it is a brilliant idea!!

holly said...

We do this also, we do it the 24 days up until christmas,on christmas eve we read the story of Christ's birth from the bible. I usually buy my books after christmas when they are on sale. If you need a lot of books all at once I also use some from the library.