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Turkey Cups

I am starting to think that each kid is going to have to have something different at their seat, because I am going to have to make these cute turkey cups from Moore Minutes:

I am pretty sure it is the googley eyes that did me in.  I can't resist the googley eyes! 


Moore Minutes said...

Oh, thank you! :) Much appreciated.

Jenny said...

Those are so cute, but won't the feathers poke you in the eye when you drink out of it?

Lorie said...

I didn't even think about that! I think if you drink from the side you might be okay. My grandmother used to ALWAYS yell at me if I tried to drink hot cocoa with the spoon in the mug! "You're going to poke your eye out!"

Thanks for that memory! ;D

Unknown said...

I suppose drinking from a straw would take care of poking you in the eye.