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Tuile Leaf Cookies

I love these cookies from Martha:

They would be great decorations for a cake, a fun (edible) addition to a horn of plenty centerpiece, or with the help of some frosting or a food marker you could use them as a place card for your Fall dinner table.

You can get the recipe for these Tuile Leaf Cookies HERE.


Unknown said...

Oh! I Love these! Will have to have a go at these. Have a sweet day!

Stacy said...

I dont have a photo...but can tell you that tuile batter is VERY easy to write could do the leaves, lift off the stencil and then use a different color tuile batter to write the names before you bake! I have done this numerous times for special desserts in restaurants...people LOVE IT! If you want more info on doing this email me at

Stacy said...

Oh...1 more tidbit...they are very fragile after they cool...they break easily so always make extra! I dont know about writing on them after baked either, as they may crack.

Lorie said...


Thank you SO MUCH for all of those great tips and ideas. I think writing on them with the batter would be so fun!

Delia said...

Oh wow...Martha never ceases to amaze me. I made a button! :) Thanks for getting me going.