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Pumpkin Pie Milkshake

A week or two ago my mother-in-law sent me a recipe for a pumpkin pie milkshake.  I didn't post it right away because I thought it would make the perfect Thanksgiving leftover post.  But then I completely forgot about it.  It wasn't until I saw this pumpkin pie milkshake over at Our Best Bites that I remembered the email:

I was almost sure they were going to be the same recipe, because my sister-in-law is the biggest Our Best Bites fan I know, but they aren't.  Theirs is perfect if you have some pumpkin puree and want to make a treat.  You can see the recipe HERE.

But if you have some extra pumpkin pie left over after Thanksgiving and want to do something different with it, this is your recipe.

Pumpkin Pie Milkshake

1 large slice pumpkin pie, diced
1 ¼ c. whole milk
2 c. vanilla ice creama
½ cup gingersnap or graham cracker cookies, crushed

You blend all of the ingredients together and then top it wish some extra gingersnap/graham cracker crumbs.  

A pretty fun, but definitely NOT low call way to use up some of your Thanksgiving leftovers! 


Danielle said...

I love that it uses actual pumpkin pie in the milkshake(: I'd love to try this! Thanks for sharing.

Delia said...

Oh my. I think I just gained five pounds looking at this delicious picture. :)