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Pumpkin Bread Pudding

Did you watch the Thanksgiving Throwdown between The Pioneer Woman and Bobby Flay?  It is probably the most fun I have had watching TV in a long time!  It took my two favorite things, The Food Network and bloggers, and stuffed them together for a good hour of TV.

The recipe that Bobby Flay made for dessert was pumpkin bread pudding, and although it isn't on the menu for our Thanksgiving, I am going to have to find time to make this for myself:

image from The Pioneer Woman

You can check out this recipe (and all of the recipes from the show... I already have brussels sprouts waiting) over at Food Network.  And if you didn't see the episode, you should check and see when they are going to replay it.  Or you can come to my house.  I still have it recorded.  I might even make you some pumpkin bread pudding.


Beth @ Free Stylin' said...

K, so you had me at Bobby Flay and brussels sprouts. Weird combo? Nah! I love both! :) I'll have to try the pumpkim bread pudding - it looks delicious!!

Lorie said...

Beth, me too!

Delia said...

That sounds so fun. I wish I could pop over and watch it. Dang. I'll go check out the site.

monica said...

ok...why'd you have to go and show me this...i'm 6 months pregnant and crave everything sweet...including this yummy looking bread pudding now thanks to you.


Hildie said...

SAve the episode! I'll be over sometime this week!

Tara said...

OK, I haven't seen it and I would totally come to your house to watch it, but I have no clue where you live. I'm sure my sister would come watch it too, since we are both such fans of your blog.

I guess you may have been kidding:). I will have to look it up online and see if I can find it!