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Pinecone Rosette Wreath

Disney from Ruffles and Stuff posted her pinecone wreath that isn't your typical pinecone wreath:

She used them to make pretty pinecone rosettes.  It is almost too pretty to take down after winter is over!

Of course, there is nothing ugly about the more traditional versions either:

Or one that is in between (gotta love squares):


also known as shell said...

ha ha ha!!! this reminds me of the time I tried to sell pinecone wreaths on ebay about 8 years ago. There was this amazing picture on martha stewart of a pinecone wreath. so i used that picture as the picture for the ebay item... and a lady bought it... and I was like sweet I can totally make it. but after 4 days of hot gluing it looked like complete crap so I gave her money back!

Susannah said...

I love the square one. Think outside the 'circle' :)

Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke said...

i thought disney was confusing.

Disney said...

I am done with regular blogging. I just pop in whenever I can to say hi! :o)