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Pie Pennant Garland

Embellishing Life made this cute Thanksgiving colored pennant:

And instead of sticking it in a cake, she is going to put it in her Thanksgiving pie.  Clever!  I am thinking it would be fun in all sorts of Thanksgiving desserts.  Do you have desserts other than pie on Thanksgiving?


Jen @ said...

I loved that. I am totally doing it. I don't love pie, so I usually make a trifle too :)


Chris said...

Yup. Add me to the list of people who will be doing this as well. It's too cute not to!

Sherron said...

I make lemon squares. It started out because lemon squares was the only dessert I knew how to make that was gluten and dairy free. So, it has become a tradition. Sometimes I make it in a pie pan so that it looks like a pie (kind of!)

Anonymous said...

Love, love, LOVE!

Heather from WhipperBerry

Kori said...

I cannot wait for pumpkin pie!!!! Kori xoxo

Myrnie said...

Birthday cake!! :)

Heather said...

This is so cute! I always make a praline pumpkin torte... I look forward to it every year, because I only make it once a year!