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Holstee Manifesto

Every once in a while the this pops up on a blog here or there.  Although I tend to think some of it is a little extreme (maybe you should look for another job before you quit the one you already have in this economy) and obviously isn't complete or even all inclusive, I do think it is always good advice to remember to actually live your life!

So although it isn't what I usually post, I thought I would share this with you:

And it can be decorative if you put it in a cute frame like Bonfa:

You can print out an 8.5 x 11 HERE.  I think I might take some of these quotes and some others I love and make a fun subway art canvas with them when I finally have an office of my own!

1 comment:

kate said...

i love this! great things to remember. I totally agree with the bit about quitting your job if you hate it!