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Healthy Turkey Treats

I have been posting a lot of turkey treats, most of which will have you in a sugar coma before you even get to dinner, so I thought I would post something a little healthier.  We will leave the coma for the tryptophan!

My sister-in-law made this fruit and cheese kabob turkey for our Thanksgiving dinner last year:

If you want to go a little smaller scale, this turkey fruit arrangement make a cute and healthy side or starter for Thanksgiving dinner:

Meet the Dubiens made this cute turkey sandwich using bell pepper feathers and Susan came up with a great idea to use apple slices if your kids aren't fans of bell peppers:

Family Fun has a few feather varieties of their own:

This relish cornucopia is beautiful, but you could use a tortilla and some colorful veggies too:

I will be on the lookout for more healthy snacks to share before the big Turkey Day!


Kori said...

How cute are these! I love the first one! Kori xoxo

Jamie said...

I LOVE these ideas. Particularly the fruit kabob. We're going out of town for Thanksgiving, but we could totally bring that along even though we can't do a hot dish.

Unknown said...

OMGoodness... Those are all soooo adorable... I love those ideas. I wish my kids were younger so I could get away with doing them.

Anne @

Lorie said...

Anne, the fruit kabobs you can just do as part of dinner! We did last year!

Jamie, that is a great idea!