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Glitter Tree Topiaries and Christmas Printable

I love these glitter trees from Eighteen25:

Heck, I LOVE everything at Eighteen25.  I am glad there are three of them, because if one person was whipping up all of those amazingly cute projects it would give a girl a complex!

But to make myself feel better, I am going to print out that cute Christmas subway art printable.  The Eighteen25 girls created it and you can download it over at Mod Podge Rocks.   It is the nice 16x20 size too, so great for your mantel.

 And you can see the tutorial for the trees HERE, because if you are like me you will probably need those too!

10 comments: said...

Hi! Im your newest follower! LOOOOVE the Trees and that Print...BRILLIANT! Love your site!I would love if you came by mine:)
I have a NEW GIVEAWAY for you!



staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

love this!

eighteen25 girls said...

Thanks for sharing this today Lorie. I'm so glad there are three of us too. ;) We couldn't do it without each other.

stephanie said...

I like how the painted candle holders look! I could use that without the trees to change up the look of the ones I have.

Lorie said...

Stephanie, I completely agree! You can get those candle holders at the dollar store and they look fabulous painted white!!

Lorie said...

Kara, welcome and thanks for following!!

Raimi said...

Can you please help me figure out how to print the Subway Art at Costco? When I saved the file, it saved as an Adobe file. Once I went on to the Costco site, i wasn't sure how to upload it because it wasn't a photo file( I am not computer Savvy). Does that even make sense? Any help you can give is appreciated. I *NEED* that Subway art!It is so stinkin' cute :-). Thank you!

Kindly, Raimi

Lorie said...


A copy shop can print a PDF, but you can also save it as a JPG and then upload it.

I used a Mac program to change mine and I know I can do it on Photoshop too, but you might try paint. It is good for all sorts if stuff.

If you can't do it, shoot me an email and I can email the jpg version to you.

Raimi said...

Hi Lorie!
Would you mind sending me the jpeg? I would really appreciate it!
My email address is

Thank you so much!
Have a happy turkey day!
p.s. I love all of the fun ideas that you lik up each day. You blog always inspures me :-)...thank you!

Unknown said...

I featured this exact picture too. I didn't know you did this until right now. We sure like so many of the same projects!