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Free Christmas Printables

Now that the Turkey eating has ceased, Christmas printables are starting to pop up everywhere.

And just when you think you know which Christmas printable you are going to display on your mantel, a couple dozen show up at Show and Tell Saturday and you can't make up your mind which one you want!

Baby It's Cold Outside:

Keep Calm and Merry On:

Wise Men Still Seek Him:

Yes Virginia, There Is A Santa Clause:

Merry Christmas To All:

Keep Calm and Kiss On:

I am sure that there will be more popping up as we get closer to Christmas.  Maybe there will be enough to make a garland with!!


Anonymous said...

I love all of these free printables and someday when I finally get the color ink refilled on my printer, I will print these! ;-)

Unknown said...

So cute!! so we just print them out and display them?

Kayla said...

:) Thanks for featuring the printables I made! :)

Jo said...

You always post the greatest finds ~ love this one!