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Falling Felt Leaves

It isn't quite a garland, but it is quite beautiful:

Dana from Made has a tutorial for these falling felt leaves HERE:


Amie said...

I would do 'em green and purple. lol *poke*

They're very cute. Do people staple stuff like this to their ceilings, or... ?

Lorie said...

My mom used to staple Christmas decorations, but it leaves messy holes. I am going to guess that these are just taped to the back side of overhang. I will have to ask Dana.

I would use fishing line and actually tie them to fishing line so that I only had to secure the two ends, if that makes any sense!

Libbie said...

wOw!! That is gorgeous!!! I am loving 'em!

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

This is beautiful. Reminds me that I must get rid of my clutter.