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Beadboard Wallpaper Ceiling

The Cottage Instincts house is getting a little ceiling renovation.  They removed a popcorn ceiling (they have lots of tips and if you have a similar project in your future you will want to check it out) and then instead of plastering the ceiling they put up beadboard:

But if you look at the piece they are about to install, you will notice that the beadboard is actually beadboard wallpaper, which is about 1000 times easier to install than actual beadboard.  AND you don't have to texture the ceiling.  Clever!

You can read about the remodel HERE.

1 comment:

mary said...

we did that in this old house. and we double glued it too. and it did not stay up well at all. fail. maybe theirs will go better!! I hate wallpaper. lol.