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Stuffed Caramel Apples

I didn't think there was a treat I would love more than a caramel apple.  I might have been wrong.  Chef Tess found a way to take out the only part of the caramel apple that isn't yummy (the seeds) and replace it with this:

Yummy goodness!  That would be peanut butter cup filling!  Of course, you could use the same idea and fill it with all sorts of yummy things.  I can't wait to try this out!

You can see her recipe and tutorial for making stuffed caramel apples HERE.


Amie said...

Looks like a good FHE treat for next week!

Jo said...

I am SO making these for dinner ~ yes, you read that correctly ;)


Cecily said...

Think I'll be making these, but I'm going to stuff mine with Nutella! YUM!

Chef Tess said...

Thanks for the shout out sweetie. How cool!