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Simple Halloween Treats

Love these cookies from It's Always A Party At The Parkers:

Your favorite sugar cookie recipe (or mine), some marshmallow fondant and a couple of cookie cutters and you are good to go!

Cathie Fillian posted this fun ice cream treat:

Cones turned witch's hat with some chocolate and sprinkles and you are done!

And these popcorn balls:

You can use the recipe for these treats HERE or you can make them an even easier way by microwaving butter popcorn and coating it with melted white bark and throw in some candy corns.  Done!  And GOOD!


Amanda said...

Love those cookies!! I probably woulndt eat them, but I LOVE making stuff with fondant. Its so clean and crisp looking! SHe really nailed it!


Lorie said...


You could do the orange with royal icing and just the bats with marshmallow fondant! Than you could totally eat them!!