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Pumpkin Soup Bowl

In Arizona there is a bakery that makes really cute pumpkin shaped bread.  In the Fall we would always order some and use them as bread bowls.  I haven't found a bakery around here yet that makes cute pumpkin loaves, so I might have to go with the real thing:

image from Martha

Or I can just make my own using this recipe from Family Fun:


cindy said...

Where is the bakery in Arizona...I would love to order some.

Logan & Lindy said...

Baseline and Lindsay. I believe has them. Next to Sonic.

tammy said...

(There's also one on Val Vista and Southern, right next to Sonic.)

Those pumpkin bread bowls one of my favorite things this time of year!

Lorie said...

I was referring to the one on Valvista and Southern.

1244 s val vista dr
Mesa, AZ 85206
(480) 325-3200

They are also the bakery where I special ordered my loaf for the Dead Man's Dip Coffin!! They are super friendly and VERY helpful. But BUSY!

Janiece said...

I printed the recipe as quick as I could! CUTE!!!