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Pumpkin Oreos

Oopsey Daisey turned some store bought items (Oreos, candy melts, and pretzels) into these cute homemade pumpkin treats:

What a quick and easy treat, and the pretzel would be a good handle when dipping!  If you want to keep the entire thing edible, the ribbon could be replaced with some green Fruit By The Foot!

Multiply Delicious added a stick and used tic tacs to make these cute Oreo pumpkin pops:

These cute pumpkin pops from Squirrel Bakes are made from cake, but I like the Oreo truffle version better than cake pops, so we will pretend:

So many different versions, all so cute and so yummy.  I pretty much have a toothache after looking at all of them!


staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

yum! I was going to just add a candy pumpkin to my I may have to actually do a little more work :)

Jessica@SewHomegrown said...

love the pumpkin oreos - great for a party!

Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke said...

love the simplicity of the first one:)