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Ice Cream Sundae Cookies

Back before September hit and I became obsessed with all things Halloween, I was infatuated with ice cream themed parties.

I saw this cookie from Hello Naomi and it reminded me of my love of all things ice cream:

How long until Summer?  Just kidding!  You can check out the rest of Hello Naomi's amazing creations HERE.


Unknown said...

This is so cute! I am so indecisive about the seasons too! I am always so ready for the next one (minus winter)... but then cute stuff like this makes me already miss summer!

Hope you'll stop by my blog & enter in my first giveaway!!

Lorie said...

Suzy, I think it is okay to love all seasons. It is great to look forward to the next great thing, as long as you don't wish away the great season that we have!!