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Homemade Halloween Party Favors

Remember the broomstick goody bags from Martha?  Well I have known about those for a couple of years (my sister in law gave them out at a Halloween party three or four years ago), but somehow I miss this picture:

How have a I never seen the cute ghost and the pumpkins!  The combination of the three are too cute!  I might have to use this as a centerpiece.  I am so glad Tasha dot dot dot posted about them on her blog!


katskraps4kids said...

How clever! These are so cute! I don't do Halloween parties, but maybe when the kids get older we will & I can try these ideas... tfs! =)

Nicole: said...

I wish I threw Halloween parties for things like this alone.

The Activity Mom said...

I think that is SO cute! Thank you for posting this. In our blogfrog community, Mom Loop, we were discussing Halloween party ideas and I'm going to link up this idea!