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Ghost Feet

I love this project that my cousin shared with me:

Her son made it at preschool!  Such cute little spooky ghost feet.  And I love that it can serve a dual purpose.  A fun Halloween decoration to hang on the fridge and a sweet reminder of just how little they once were a couple of years from now!  Plus the kids get to stick their feet in paint, so you know they are going to love it!


Unknown said...

I did this with my kids last year, only had them step on black fabric triangles, and turned it into a ghostly banner!

Kelli W said...

Such cute little ghost feet! We did this a few years ago...I also did their handprints and turned them into spiders:)

staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

we tried this the other day...using hands. Not exactly ghosts...I'm calling them skeleton hands :)

Creatrish said...

I love the idea so I've decided to make other things with painting feet so here are our feetArt Merci