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Candy Corn Trifles

I am torn.  I have the perfect cute mini trifle dishes to go with this candy corn trifle from Confessions of a Cookbook Queen, but I really like the candy corn pudding:

I will probably stick with the pudding because we love it so much, but I am so glad I saw this because I would have bought the clear plastic cups for the pudding when I have these cute trifle dishes in my cupboard!

If you are in the mood for candy corn trifle, you can get the recipe  HERE.


katskraps4kids said...

Thanks! Looks SO adorable & yummy! My kids'll get a kick out of this- I'll just have to get the whipped cream can thingie. & of course I will have to get eh clear plastic cups. Be blessed, Karyl =0)

Lorie said...

The canned whipped cream is easy, but nothing beats the real stuff! ;D

Amie said...

I hear 'trifle' and I think Friends. "I wasn't supposed to put meat in the trifle!!!" "No you weren't. It was not good."

Cynthia said...

We've been having fun with "Shot Glass Desserts"- even thought that meant I had to go buy some. I think this little dessert would be the perfect thing to serve at my Halloween party for Moms on Friday. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Those look wonderful! Thank you for sharing with us!