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Candy Corn Jello

Yesterday. Mormishmom shared her rainbow jello tutorial for Show and Tell Saturday:

You know how I love the rainbows!  It reminded me of the very fun candy corn pudding dessert that my sister in law makes:

Which then made me realize that the rainbow Jello could be transformed into candy corn Jello:

And sure enough I found a recipe for candy corn Jello over at The Joys of Jello.

If you want to make your jello colors a little creamier, you can use the trick that my mother in law uses and mix it with a similar flavor of yogurt.  It makes it really yummy and would look even more like a candy corn!


Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

That rainbow jello is AWESOME!

Unknown said...

Cute! We dont eat much jello here but I want to try the candy corn for halloween!

Michelle said...

2 cute, I'll have some now please!
Great idea!

Lorie said...

Annie, I never really ate it a lot growing up and I don't make it a ton now, but my mother-in-law makes some really good jello dishes (not weird at all, but really fancy if you can believe it) and I need to start adding them to our menu since she can't make them for us anymore!

Jodi said...

It all looks so yummy and very cute!!

Unknown said...

This is so cute. I love candy corn anyway.

Kyla Armstrong said...

Thanks for showing off the rainbow Jell-O! I made a "candy corn" striped Jell-O today!