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Candy Corn Centerpiece

I am taking deep breaths.  I am being calm.  I am not throwing a hissy fit because Kristin from Write It Down just posted the PERFECT centerpiece for my Fall Festival:

Oh if only she had posted these a week ago.  I am really trying not to spend the entire day making 60 of these:

They are just too cute!


katskraps4kids said...

Oh I love these too! I'm gonna have to get more tables for all the cute things I have seen just THIS season!

artistaggie said...

Those are pretty awesome centerpieces, I must say. Go for it! :-D

Yaya' s Home said...

Oooooh! Thank you so much for sharing this craft AND the link to learn how to do it. I think this is somethin' I could do. Maybe. Hopefully.

~ Yaya