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Acorn Treats

Before I moved to Texas I had never seen a real acorn that had fallen out of an actual tree.  At least one that wasn't sold in a craft store.  Now that we have a yard full of them I love them even more.  My mom must feel the same way, because she collected a bag full of them and took them back to Arizona with her.

Unless you are a squirrel, acorns are pretty much just decorative.  But acorn themed snacks on the other hand are not only cute, but edible!  

Family Fun not only made super cute leaf shaped napkins for fall, they transformed doughnut holes into perfectly cute acorns:

Lipstick and Laundry made these cute acorns with frosting, mini Vanilla wafers, and good old hershey kisses:

Little Nummies made an entire acorn sandwich.  I love the cereal top, but you could use sliced almonds too or raisins for the hat too:

Beth from The Stories of A to Z made peanut butter chocolate acorns and even has a tip for turning non-perils black if you aren't a sprinkle junkie like me.  (I have non perils in just about every color).

And this almond acorn idea actually comes from a diet blog:

Do you love acorns as much as I do, or does my obsession just come from being deprived of them for most of my life?  Do you have any acorn themed treats that you have made?  I would love for you to leave me a link if you do!


bridget {bake at 350} said...

Oh my goodness! Those ideas are SO cute! Just tweeted and stumbled them. :)

You asked for more acorn are some acorn cookies:

Golden Daily Scoop said...

First time on your blog so I just wanted to say Hi! Those acorns are adorable and look yummy! I will never look at another acorn the same again! :)

Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

Oh my goodness... I am in acorn HEAVEN right now!

Jessika said...

The photo quality is not great, but I made a wreath out of acorns this year. I just didn't want them to go to waste! Just great craft supplies.