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String of Jack-o-Lantern Lights

Kasia from Dream Home used old baby bottles to make this cute string of jack-o-lantern lights:

I know the kids would have fun painting the faces and they would be great outside around my front door.  Now I just need baby food jars!

You can see how Kasia made them HERE.


Just SO said...

That. is. the. cutest! Now I have to find someone with a baby so I can get their baby food jars.

Heather - said...

If you need baby food jars, check your local craigslist or put a note out on freecycle.

Cathie said...

These would look really cute using those little aquapod water bottles too! Probably easier to come by!

Kelly said...

would it be wrong to go buy baby food and dump it out?

Lorie said...

Kelly, I was thinking my family would be eating baby applesauce for a week!

Heather, that is a great idea!!

Lorie said...

Cathie, those would be cute! Do you think the lights would melt them?