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Pumpkins and Bats and Spiders, Oh My!

Two Bites at the Cherry has a cute tutorial for this rope pumpkin headband and now my mind is racing thinging about what other things I can make cute pumpkin headbands with:

What's not to love about a chalkboard pumpkin like this one from Greenbean Crafterole:

You can write fun messages or the kids can draw jack-o-lanter faces on it over and over again!  A whiteboard pumpkin would be fun too!

Lizard and Ladybugs made some faux chalkboard rocks that make a great addition to her apothecary jar:

This fun Halloween countdown calendar from My Delicious Ambiguity uses fun holiday activities instead of candy to pass the days:

A great way to fill your month up with some fun family traditions!

And these six legged spider suckers from Something From Cassie are so cute you don't even notice they are missing some legs:

The one with the three eyes creeps me out a little.


Nicole: said...

Love those spider suckers! I'm doing a spider theme for Halloween in our house this year and will definitely have to make those.

Your blog is so inspiring :) Thank you for featuring my headbands.

Kendra @ Domestic Princess in Training said...

Oh my is right! These are great ideas. Love the chalk board painted pumpkin!

Kendra aka “Domestic Princess in Training”

staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

thanks for including my rocks...
I love those freaky little spiders!!

Cassie said...

That's Me!
I am Cassie!!!
OMG! You just made my weekend!!!
Thank you SO much!!

Aubrey said...

Yay, Halloween!!! I really enjoy the ideas on your blog!

I would like to give you the "A Blog with Substance Award"

If you would like to pick it up you can do so at my blog. If not, just know that your blog is thoroughly enjoyed by me! Thank you!