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Magnetic Linen Board

We have a little bit of a calendaring/message dilemma in this house. In our old house we had a big desk calendar that hung on the side of the fridge. It was out of the way of everyday sight, but easy to see and use. It really was in the perfect place. In this house the fridge has no open sides and the front ins't magnetic. (Which shows you how desperate I am for a good space for my calendar because I would put it on the front of my fridge if I could!)

The only place it is really going to work is going to be a place that is out in the open, so I am going to have to go for something functional, but hopefully a little pretty. Which is why this magnetic board from Fern Creek Cottage caught my eye:

Gorgeous frame, functional space, magnetic, but still really pretty:

Bet you never thought linen fabric could be magnetic.  The trick is whats under the pretty fabric.  You can check it out HERE.

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Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

It's always so shocking when I see my own photo on your blog, LOL! Then after the shock comes being giddy and thrilled! Next comes annoying the kids by squealing to them that I've been featured on Act Different be Normal.
Thank you my friend. I'm sending you a Texas size HUG right now!! :)