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Ghost Lanterns

I fell in love with these milk jug lanterns a couple of years ago (Wow time flies!!):

But Life in Rehab made a version this year using glass shades from an old chandelier:

Because these are glass, you can use real candles.  Real candles means spooky flickering light!   You can see how she made this set HERE.


staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

what a great idea. I held on to several old glass shades like this - until our last garage sale! Dang it!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if I could use some of my old vases for this...

alicia said...

I saw both of these recently. Wish I had an old chandelier about now.

Lorie said...

Kathie, old vases are a great idea!!

Staci, that is why I never get rid of ANYTHING!!!

Alicia, me too! For SOOO many reasons!