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Dress Up Your Hair for Halloween

I posted this picture on Facebook a few weeks ago and said that I could do this to my hair on Halloween and go as Rainbow Bright:

Of course, there is a whole outfit that goes with Rainbow Bright.  But Martha has quite a few costume ideas that are pretty much hair only.  A fun idea, especially for adults.

My sister in law actually used this beehive idea a couple of years ago when her son was a baby:

She was the beehive and he was the bee.

This one, the earth (or at least the ground) is pretty clever:

And if you have earth, then you need to have wind:

and fire, except Martha skipped fire. But she did give us ice:

And my personal favorite (too bad The Boys hair isn't long enough) the wave:

So what do you think about dressing your hair up for Halloween?


Cassie said...

I would wear my hair like that on a regular day.
I love me some big hair!!

Amy @ Increasingly Domestic said...

Several of these would be great for "crazy hair day" at school:)
I think the wave is my favorite!

1 Funky Woman said...

Do it go as Rainbow Bright! Did you see Martha's magazine for this year? She is on the cover and her hair is awesomely huge. You need to see it! We need pictures if you do Rainbow Bright!


Delia said...

I love these ideas! I adore the beehive especially since my youngest is going to be a bee this year. But... I have fairly short hair...hmmm that won't stop me though. :)

Lorie said...

Okay, I was way asleep when I posted this because I never even thought of crazy hair day! Of course they have never had crazy hair day at any of my kids schools, so now I have to beg the school to add it to spirit week!

House Elf said...

Rainbow Bright! I had totally forgot about her! What a great idea :)