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Dead and Breakfast

I saw this sign over at The Celebration Shoppe:

And it shot straight to number one on my Halloween wish list!  I love it.

Runners up would be this:

and this:
What is your dream outdoor Halloween decoration?


Jen @ Just for Rachel said...

I have seriously considered painting my front door orange like you showed last year from a Pottery Barn picture. I am going out of town for two weeks end of October, so it wouldn't be painted back normal until the second week in November, or else I might be crazy enough to go for it! :)

My dad made me that witch last year, and i can't wait to put her back up!

tammy said...

Ooh...I want a sign like that! That is awesome.

Jen @ EmbellishingLifeEveryday said...

Decorating for fall/Halloween is my absolute favorite time to decorate! This year I am hoping to paint pumpkins with our house address for the front step.

Lorie said...

Jen, my sister in law has the witch and I am uber jealous!

We are in a rental until June otherwise I would probably be crazy enough to paint my front door orange too. (I am posting about the orange front door later today too!!

Jenny, pumpkin house numbers are always so fun! I am hoping that there will be crown of thorn gourds here in Texas so I can do the ghosts with them!

Unknown said...

I just got the Better Homes and Gardens mag last night and have already planned to do something like the Dead & Breakfast sign. There are so many things from that mag that I wanna do!

~ The Speckled Dog