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Bat Finials

Starshine Chic found these at Tai Pan:

I don't have a Tai Pan.  I have never been to a Tai Pan.  Once I almost made it to a Tai Pan, but we missed the exit and then Lou La dumped her entire drink in the car and I was sort of done at that point so I have still never stepped foot into a Tai Pan.

But I am pretty sure these cute little stuffed bats on a stick on top of a finial on top of a cute little block would be pretty easy to make!


Unknown said...

Those ROCK!!!

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

Next time you're in Utah...let's hit Tai Pan. ;)

Unknown said...

I almost bought those at Tai Pan ... the best part is they come in a set of three with three different sizes. LOVE THEM.

Lorie said...

Char, I would LOVE that!!

tammy said...

Sometimes I fly to UT, just to go to Tai Pan.