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Apple Nachos

My sister-in-law Annie sends me emails from time to time with links that I need to check out.  Usually really great recipes that I need to try.  And she usually tests them out first.

She is better than Google Reader.

Her emails make me feel like I don't live far away, and then I remember I do, and that part stinks, but the food is always to die for!

These Apple Nachos from How Sweet It Is are no exception:

Kind of awesome and my kids are going to freak!


Anonymous said...

ah those look awesome! Never heard of that before but definitely want to try it!

Kimber said...

i LOVE how sweet it is!!!

Amie said...

MMM they look yummy... I'm so glad I live in an electronic age where it is so easy to keep in touch with people long-distance, share thing instantaneously, and make friends out of virtual strangers on the internet. :)

Unknown said...

Yum! Thanks for the new idea!