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Witch Candy Jars

These jars from All You are intended to be cute little party favors:

But if you shrink them down (maybe baby food jars) you can use them to hold a dessert or a part of your meal.  You could even put vanilla pudding in them and instead of a witch, decorate them with eyes and make pudding ghosts.  Or you can use something orange for a jack-o-lantern.  Lots of possibilities!

I am thinking pistachio pudding would make a good witch face though!


staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

these are really cute. I made something similar using an old peanut butter jar. The kiddies got to the hat and smashed it, so I need to make a new one :)

Lorie said...

I could see that happening at my house too! But of course having the kids make a new one is always a good project!!