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We All Fall Down and Out Trick or Treating

So I have been digging around in my archives to see how early I started posting about Halloween and Fall in the past.  Last year I was already full swing by this time.  So be prepared Amie!  It is coming!

If you don't want to wait (a lot of you have commented saying something to the effect of "Bring it on!!")  you can browse Fall and Halloweens past in my archives.

My categories are WAAAAAAY down at the bottom of my blog, and sometimes hard to figure out, so I wanted to give you a short cut.

Fall can be found under we all FALL down:

and Halloween is under out trick or treating:

Have fun!


Brittanie Gordon said...

Thanks for the links.. as soon as it's naptime I will be back :)

Lorie said...

I miss naptime!!

Amie said...

LOL you goober! To keep on track then, I wanna see Valentine's Day stuff late November! ;) Love ya!