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Tea Time Love Notes

If we drank tea at our house I would have to leave some love notes like these:

So I am trying to think of a way to modify this for hot chocolate.  Can you buy little bags that are made of the same material as tea bags?  If you can it would be fun to fill some with crushed peppermints or orange peels and use them to flavor cocoa...and leave love notes!


Clarissa Emily said...

Let me start by telling you that I LOVE your blog and all the ideas you post!
I too, do not drink tea...or at least I avoid it at all costs. I have a couple of sisters-in-law that love to drink herbal teas however, and sometimes make their own. If there is a health food store nearby that sells herbal teas in bulk, they usually sell tea bags to steep them in as well. I love this idea for hot cocoa too! How fun! I hope you can find what you're looking for!
~Clarissa @

Lorie said...

Clarissa, Thank you for the info (and for loving my blog!)

I will have to check out some of the local health stores and see if I can find some tea bags!

meli said...

Cute idea! Maybe try cheesecloth tied with string?

Jennie Bender said...

So cute=) Saving for my preschoolers. They will love making this for Valentine's or Mother's Day. How fun and simple.

Alexis said...

Maybe you could make hot chocolate and tie the string with envelope attached to a big marshmallow or straw or spoon?