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Strawberry Pillows

When I was little I had Strawberry Shortcake bedding.  I loved hat bedding, but it wasn't as cool as this:

The Purl Bee has a tutorial HERE that will show you how to make these really cute strawberry pillows if you need a set of your own.


KellyMellyBoBellyBananaFanna said...



DrayaAnn said...

Yeah I NEED these!!!! SO cute!

Brittanie Gordon said...

Those are SOO cute!! I might need those for my may/june decorations :)!!

Amie said...

Oh my heck that is seriously adorable! I had all the little bitty dolls and tons of clothes for them (I actually still have them--kept them for years in hopes of having a daughter, then used them for daycare girlies, and now, figure I may as well keep em for another 15 yrs for grandkids. lol.

I also had one of those strawberry shortcake dolls in which you squeeze the stomach and they blow strawberry scented kisses at you! Bizarre, but cute.

Miss G said...

I had a giant Strawberry Shortcake painted on my wall! Blown up from a coloring book and projected on the wall and my sweet grandma painted it! Kelly